Do U Want It?

A feature length documentary about legendary New Orleans funk band Papa Grows Funk

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"This documentary, in all truthfulness, is the story of most of our lives as New Orleans musicians over the last fifty years. New Orleans Musicians, as well versed as we are in our craft, have a hard time breaking into the mainstream music scene. That causes frustrations which are honestly portrayed in this movie. This movie represents not just this band but our collective reality."
     George Porter, Jr., The Meters

“Just like John Gros and the music of Papa Grows Funk itself, the film explodes with the life, rhythm, and soul of New Orleans.”
     Quint Davis, Producer and Director, New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

"Do U Want It? captures the joy and the difficulties of being a band and of being a leader and sideman. There are so many intricacies that go into being a musician, and I don't think that most people recognize them. This documentary reveals those intricacies in a way that shows the deep and complex relationships between the music, the musicians, the road life, and the great city and tradition of New Orleans. I was transfixed!"
     Jeff Coffin, Dave Matthews Band

"Having covered the New Orleans music scene for 25 years now, its portrayal in 'Do U Want It?,' as personified by the members of Papa Grows Funk, struck me as both authentic and accurate. The documentary neatly sums up the qualities that make the New Orleans scene so special, as well as the issues that, to some, make it so frustrating."
     Keith Spera, Journalist

"Great documentary that shows how much hard work goes into being a band. It’s a compelling, behind the scenes look at what it takes to survive in today’s competitive music business.”  
     Stanton Moore, Galactic

"Do U Want It? is a documentary that tells the story of how hard it truly is to keep a band together. Based in New Orleans, Papa Grows Funk was comprised of five of the most talented players you would ever want to hear, and for years they were the standard bearers of funky jams at the Maple Leaf Bar in uptown New Orleans. But therein lies the quandary of how to break out of just being a New Orleans icon and gaining national attention. The filmmakers tell the tale in a beautiful way, using live and animated visions that will keep you entertained while informing you of this happy and sad story. Art is a fickle business!!!"
     Paul Barrere, Little Feat

"I get to watch Jason Mingledorff play almost every night, and it never ceases to amaze me how talented he is. Watching Papa Grows Funk play in these clips just shows how much talent is in the city of New Orleans. That city has one of the best music histories in the world. I think Papa Grows Funk got to put their stamp in modern New Orleans music history."
Paul Janeway, St. Paul and the Broken Bones

"It's the musicians that stay in the city they love that make the local scene great! I applaud musicians like Papa Grows Funk who keep New Orleans movin and groovin on a weekly basis!"
Adam Deitch, Lettuce

"This film is a realistic look into the intricate working parts of a band creating music while finding a path and audience. What a journey that can be, which is directly reflected throughout this film."
Chris Bullock, Snarky Puppy

"What a great job of capturing not only the vibe of the band, but also the vibe of the New Orleans music scene in general. At the same time, it gives a look behind the curtain at what it takes to keep a band functioning and surviving. My only regret- it was too short!”
Reggie Scanland, The Radiators